The things people leave behind at London City Airport

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Does this sound familiar? While traveling you get on a bus, train or plane and suddenly you realize you left something behind during that bus ride, train or plane flight. Fucking irritating of course but it happens a lot. But you consider yourself lucky, because is you have never left a sex toy, a large amount of cash or a bag of diamonds behind.. you are nothing but an amateur.

Here is a list of some of the weird items left behind by travelers at London City Airport. There was even someone who left his or hers SIGNED cheque book, wtf is wrong with that person, signing all cheques in advance… Another idiot left a bag with £50,000 (about $75000 dollar) in it… where was that person with his mind???

What do people leave behind on airports :

  • sex toys
  • expensive luxury watches (Rolex, Piaget, IWC) not the fake ones!
  • glass eyes (yes, that is right, a glass eye found in the bathroom)
  • false teeth (probably found next to the glass eyes
  • bags filled with cash
  • diamonds
  • celebrity awards (obviously left behind by the celebrities (spoiled brats)

So now you can feel better about yourself the next time you forget your cheap walmart sunglasses in the bus ;-)


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