Don’t have webcam sex and drive!

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The funny, weird and sometimes even disgusting stories I read and hear about from cam girls I talk to. All of those stories bundled together would make a bestseller probably. Women have their sacred “50 shades of Grey” fantasy to discuss with each other, we men would have a book full of stories of how NOT to behave in order to be more successful with girls, and have a laugh about it too. Unfortunately I do not know all the different stories but I do know a few which I will share one by one, starting today with the first. Of course feel free to share your own funny or weird webcam experiences in a comment on in our forums, and we might get enough to publish that book after all…

The guy who took his love for a camgirl a bit too far

Some guys easily fall in love with their favorite cam girl, that is no surprise especially since some of them are just too gorgeous. Just look at the girl from this article, I could easily fall in love with her too. That doesn’t mean you should act dumb and irresponsible. Apparently not everybody gets this, because one dude took his crush and the need to see her a bit too far and became a serious danger on the road as a result. Let me explain; the guy has had a crush on this particular cam girl for some time already, but also had a wife and 3 little kids running around the house. So he had to find time in order to be with his webcam love. So there he went, setting his alarm clock at 4 in the morning when his lovely wife was still asleep, having webcam sex in the garage.

On other times he went to the bathroom with his ipad just to have 10 minutes of private time with his cam friend. All accepted behavior of a cam viewer in love. But than the guy decided to take his secret cam meeting a step further. Every morning on his way to work he went into private… while he was driving his freaking car! No he was not on the passengers seat, he was behind the wheel. After a few times the camgirl noticed that he was driving when he turned his cam on, she got pretty upset and scared and left the session instantly because she obviously didn’t want to be the subject of the evening news. I can already see the headlines “Guy smashes car into truck while having webcam sex behind the wheel” or “Car drives into a lake because driver was too busy with live sex site Livejasmin.”

If you read this than please let this be a lesson. You already know you shouldn’t drink and drive, now you also know you should not be busy with a naughty nude private session with a hot babe while driving 80 miles per hour on the high way. In stead just enjoy cam sex in the comfort of your own home or any other safe and private location. Luckily this story ended well and nobody got hurt because the cam girl in question reacted in a responsible way by ending the chat in stead of only thinking about making more minutes (money). And if you think this story is bizarre, you will be amazed when I post my other stories, because I have so much more funny, weird and disgusting facts to share with you. Till next time…



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