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Webcamsexreviews is a site about webcam sex and more. While we mainly focus on reviews of webcam sex sites and girls, the fact is that anything slightly sex related and news worthy, interesting or just funny is eligible to be featured on our site. The decision if something is funy and or news worthy is entirely up to the author. We encourage our authors to be honest and share their personal views on different matters no matter how political incorrect and or controversial their views and believes may be. Of course this will have the inevitable result that some of our readers will strongly disagree with statements made and thoughts shared in these articles. those readers should feel free to comment and start a discussion if they wish to. We do not censor and remove comments that are not in line with our  authors optics, as long as these comments do not contain contain the usual illegal stuff as racism, childporn etc.


When it comes to Reviews of webcam sex and webcam girl sites we try to take a more objective approach. While of course an assessment of a particular site and or chat performer is inescapably entwined with the reviewers personal subjective feelings and taste, we try to compare different sites on  equal points, like pricing, layout, content to keep the final verdict as fair as possible.

But to be sure we only list sites and performers that score at least a sufficient score to “pass” (60%). Why? because even though we are confident in our rating system and we believe that you should not spend your money on performers and sites that are not listed on this site, every person is defferent and giving a site or a performer  a bad rating. Could potentially hrt or even destroy their bussiness and livelyhood while in fact there might be tons of  people who would be more than happy to spend their money on a site or performer we would not recommend.


finally if you need to contact us with any thing from questions, suggestions, comments please do not hesitate and use the folowing info to do so.

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