Masturbation is awesome

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Masturbation. Even though this widely practiced act of self pleasure is generally accepted, some still are not sure how to go about the act of touching yourself. Male of female there are a variety of techniques you can implement to make your solo fun time as pleasurable if not more than doing it with another person.

The most basic way to go about it is to use your own hands, but do not think that it is somehow less fun to do it that way than with some help. The touch of your own skin can be incredibly invigorating, especially if you know exactly how you like to be touched. Harder, faster, where, when, you have complete control. If that’s not enough you can always use a toy or two, from cock rings that will vibrate on your dick to dildos that you can put into any of your fucks holes, from your pussy to your ass hole. If you want to get really high tech you can use special toys to spread your lips or cheeks and put the dildos in after, to maximize pleasure. At the end of the day your own hands can be your best bet though, and if you are new to masturbation that is the best way to start. Just do what feels right, literally!

Btw, masturbation is supposed to reduce the chance of developing cancer, enough reason for me to get on with it…

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