Making calls on smartphones becomes irrelevant

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According to a study performed by IDC, conducted on behalf of our friends at Facebook, roughly 84 % of the communication accomplished via smartphones does not involve traditional calling, but texting, emailing and social networking. The survey included 7445 American Android and iPhone users aged between 18 and 44.

Email activity tops the list of communication,  with 78 % of the survey respondents claim they use their device primarily for email. Browsing the world wide web, playing games, searching and watching videos are also more popular than talking on smartphones.

Here are the results of the study displaying the most popular smartphone activities:

  1. Email – 78 %
  2. Browsing websites – 73 %
  3. Facebook – 70 %
  4. Using maps and/or finding directions – 64 %
  5. Playing games – 60 %
  6. Search engines – 57 %
  7. Sharing or posting photos  – 53 %
  8. Local searches – 46 %
  9. News or sports – 44 %
  10. Watching videos or online TV – 37 %

Funny facts that this study shows:

  • Actual talking on the phone came in last, at the very bottom of the list. People seem to only use their mouth to communicate only 16% of the time spend on a smartphone.
  • 79 % of smartphone users grab their phone within the first 15 minutes of waking up each day.
  • 62 % admitted that their phone is the first thing they grab when they wake up in the morning.
  • Many applications and mobile data services are being enjoyed and add to an increased social connectedness.
  • Half of the total U.S. population owns smartphones making the phone a more critical tool than ever before due to the convenience of being able to interact with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Impressive study but we feel there is more to explore. One question keeps running through my head; How many times do the above mentioned activities involve erotic activisties such as sexting, watching porn, sex dating and video call sex ???


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