Miss Carla loves to dominate

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If you’re interested in meeting a very pretty 35-year-old MILF, then TryMeNow may be for you. Her real name is Carla, but I would suggest that you never call her that. You see, Carla is a dominatrix who enjoys making men her slaves. She will allow you to call her Mistress or Madam. Don’t address her by anything else if you want even a second of this beautiful woman’s attention. If you enjoy being dominated and you’re willing to be the submissive, you will get along with this cam Mistress just fine.

domination camBe warned, Mistress Carla will make you her slave and you must have a webcam to chat with her. She wants to make sure you follow her demands and instructions very clearly. If she tells you to squeeze your cock and show it to her, you must do so. If she commands you to release your cock and let it go limp, you must do that also. This will not be a fast process. Mistress Carla is known for her extreme brutality and cock torture. You will be begging and pleading with her to cum. It will be painful and punishment will be plentiful. This webcam chat is not for the weak or inexperienced!

If you’re very new at being a slave, submissive, or don’t quite yet understand the roles being played, it’s probably best that you find someone else to cam with. Someone who is willing to teach instead of just punish. Mistress Carla is for the more experienced subs that know how to play the painful game. If you think you’re ready, enter at your own discretion. You have been warned!

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