Woman guilty of assault after being grabbed in her ass

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Wtf moment of today; a district court in the tolerant county of Sweden has determined that a woman who slapped the guy in his face after he grabber her ass, has been found guilty and convicted of assault. Although the 23-year-old woman was subjected to “serious provocation” and “sexual harassment” (whatever you want to call it) before slapping her “harasser” for allegedly grabbing her ass, she court found her guilty of assault nonetheless. Sounds a bit unfair at this point right? True, but  there is more to this story…

The woman still claims that she acted in self-defense when she bitch-slapped her ass grabbing suspect last Summer at Glorias nightclub (why am I not surprised?). But the butt-touching dickhead did not know nor expect that this sweet looking girl apparently had special super boxing powers because she instinctively turned to confront the man who grabbed her butt and with one easy punch, she hit him in the face so hard that the poor rapist-wannabe broke his nose. That scenario has probably something to do with the fact the Lund District Court decided that her ruthless reaction was too lopsided to claim self-defense.punch

But there is more WTF to this story; loserboy played it like a sissy and actually had the guts to file a claim, he “sued” her for about $3,800 in damages, but the court reduced that claim to $286 in addition to a fine of $380. Additionally the woman was given a suspended sentence.

During a statement the woman told the local Metro paper: “This shows that it is perfectly OK for guys to grab girls any way they want”  and you know what; she couldn’t be more right. Ok, maybe a broken nose is a bit too much, but what the hell, just don’t ass-grab random women and you won’t get punched. I think this woman did well, and I also like to think she did not deserve to be punished for her bitch slap defense. But as in most cases in this unfair world; justice has not been served. Let’s just hope other ignorant loserboys with no control over their hands will take a lesson from this incident and keep their filthy hand to themselves or on their girlfriends at home. How hard can it be…don’t harass random strangers fuckheads!

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