I get So Turned on by wearing Lingerie

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fishnet lingerie webcam girl

I love my fishnet outfits

Hi Im xNastyPussyx, a webcam girl from Romania, 25 years, addicted to orgasms, and I was asked to write something for webcamsexreviews.com about myself and my job as a webcam girl.

First things that cames to mind is my passion for lingerie, I have tons of outfits and I love shopping for the sexiest outfits I can find. Elegant, Slutty, Kinky. It doesn’t matter to me. I love them all! Wearing lingerie makes me feel super sexy and I love it when men look in awe when they see what i’m wearing under my regular clothes.

Before I start my webcam sessions I always take a long shower. Also shaving my pussy is part of the ritual. I use a mirror and take the time to make sure my pussy looking perfect, soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. Many times Looking at myself with my spread legs and the feeling of the shaving gel and cold razor on my pussy lips get me turned on. I always try to save my orgasms for my upcoming live shows. Some times i can’t help it and start massaging my soapy breasts and pinching my hard nipples while Rub my swollen in shaving foam clit to an orgasm, so heavenly!

If i manage to control myself and make it out of the shower it’s time to pick my outfit. When I’m horny I usually prefer the slutty outfits, i love fishnet stockings and panties. I take a good look in the mirror at how my freshly shaven pussy and my tight ass look in my slutty outfit and by this time i’m always dripping wet and can’t wait to for my webcam fans to see what a dirty little whore I am.

It’s absolutely delicious to spread my legs for the webcam and see and feel my client eyes staring right in my slutty fuck hole. I then take a big dildo and start fucking myself deep and through my stocking. While a watch my viewer strocking his big cock. I imaging it’s his cock that’s fucking me hard. I will tell him this and most of the times it wont take long untill the shoot their load over their lapto when they see me cumming so hard on that big dildo.

Pfff i think it’s time for my to take my dildo once again……xxxx

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