Tipping cam girls can be addictive

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Whether you love these kind of sites (yes you can see certain shows for free if you want) or you prefer cheap webcam sex at pay-per-minute platforms, free cam sites like MFC just can not be ignored anno 2013, they are definitely here to stay. As I have written in my previous webcam sex article, free is never really free in the (webcam) sex industry. Without tips models would stop performing in no-time and the whole platform would basically die very fast. So today I want to discuss the benefits but also the dangers of this tipping system, because there are certainly are some.

I think the benefits are pretty obvious but let’s name them anyway. For starters you can watch countless hot girls, couples, trannies etc live on cam performing sex shows completely free. Sites like FreeSexCams69.com are known for having the hottest babes and couples, so the model quality is certainly not inferior as to pay per minute sites. Most sites do not require a membership fee and most sites do not require a minimum token purchase when you register as a free member. Theoretically (if sites will not restrict certain features in the future) you can enjoy free cam shows for an unlimited time without ever purchasing tokens, and masturbate as much as you want in silence, but that will get boring I can tell you, and that is the moment when free becomes paid…

The biggest disadvantage of watching cam shows for free, is that models will look at you as a freeloader, meaning you won’t get any attention, can’t make requests and you’ll probably never be able to establish a connection with a model you fancy for that particular reason. Models “hate” freeloaders, and who can blame them, after all cam models are not in the charity business. Professional models know and can spot a “freeloader” easily. We interviewed a number of free cam site owners and viewers and our conclusion is that a high % of “freeloaders” will eventually become paid members (meaning they start participating actively during shows and give tips). Some viewers get bored pretty fast and start tipping after 2 weeks, some even stay “freeloaders” for 2 years before they start giving tips, but in the end, free becomes paid almost certain. In the beginning most members start tipping really innocent, they will throw in 10 -25 tokens at the end of a show when they are pleased and want to say  “thank you, good job”. Often, cam models will say “thank you member X” in return. And that my friends, is where most paying members are getting pulled into the real interaction, because it is just an awesome feeling when a mega hot chick says “thank you” to you. It makes you wanna give her more tips, it makes you want to be her favorite viewer… But becoming a girls favorite is not cheap, there is a lot of competition going on especially at the popular rooms. This means you have to be very generous with tips all the time. As a result, often we see “tipping wars” going on, viewers that compete for the models attention, and the only way to become a models favorite is when you are her biggest tipper. This my dear cam friends can lead to tip addiction once you fall in love with a free camgirl, and obviously can be a very expensive hobby especially when you decide to take your free cam girl private because private shows on free cam sites are usually really expensive. Cheap webcam sex sometimes means you should not be looking for free, there are pay per minute sites out there that cost a lot less. Check our review section if you want to learn more…

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    Maybe models will look at you as a freeloader but if you buy some credit they will give you all the atention you need! This article is very useful !

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