Ted Cruz Pulls Spot Because Of Soft Core Adult Actress

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amy lindsay fingeredAmerican Prudishness at it’s best. A promotional ad for presidential candidate Ted Cruz was pulled because people discovered it featured actress Amy Lindsay. Amy has starred in a few soft core erotic movies and apparently this would severely hurt Ted’s campaign. Like Ted and most of his followers never watched a nudie movie.

Come on, supposedly people and thus voters like down to earth NORMAL people. Sex and Nudity is a part of normal peoples lives. And it’s not like Amy secretly flashed a titty in the ad (which would probably improve the whole thing  anyway). How on earth would Amy’s few Erotic roles disqualify her for this job is inexplicable unless Ted only wants voters who hate sex and think the human body is disgusting. In that case bye bye to 99% of your voters

It would be a credit to Cruz and his campaign if they just let the ad run, and openly state that they don’t see any problem with it, in stead of being such hypocrites.

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