Teacher suspended for Banana-touching a female student

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Yes, interesting teaching method this Florida high school teacher was practicing, apparently he was suspended after he was rubbing a female student with a banana. Yes, a banana, could this be a wtf moment?!

This incident happened three months ago…and according to the girls parents, Mr Jonathan Hampton, (who was also former “Teacher of the Year” crossed a serious line, and was accused of touching his female student during a Freudian psychology lecture with a banana. The sweet spots were her head and her neck, bananas favorite places obviously. He was suspended for 3 days without pay, that will teach him!

banana teacherJonathan’s stepfather, who is also his attorney (that makes sense), said the banana was part of Jonathan’s lunch and that he only touched the student to make sure he got her attention, nothing else to it. He also added that nobody is the class room complained about the incident at the time, so basically this was just another banana at work

But after the parents decided to complain about the banana incident, the school district concluded that the teacher was out of line with his banana, even though “Freudian” discussion is part of the curriculum in the college-level course. What the fuck does that mean anyway? I think it means something like “teachers are not allowed to touch girls with fruit or vegetables during boring classes.”

Teacher Jonathan already returned to work Tuesday morning, and to be honest, why not? We feel this whole banana incident has been taking out of proportion. Whining about a piece of honest fruit.. really? If that is your biggest problem, you girl, are blessed with a great life so stop bitching and take that banana like the wench you are ;-)

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