Sex with your ex, pretty normal

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So what do you do is you relationship is over and you haven’t found a new sweetheart yet? Jerk off all day to online porn? Hell no, that’s what we do when we are IN a relationship, because according to British dating site “” 50% of all singles are having sex with their ex! That would mean it a pretty normal thing to do right? I had sex with all my exes if I am not wrong, and to be honest, I liked that arrangement even better than the original relationship… lol!

The website questioned thousand men and women and discovered that most women get back to their ex boyfriend because they miss the intimacy. Also, almost a third of the girls think a wild steamy sex night will save their already failed relationship, but in reality that is not true in most cases. Most guys just fuck their ex pure for the sex.. boys will be boys of course.

Most exes run in to each other on social media or during a night out, most admit that an abundance of alcohol had something to do with the fact they slept with their ex. Another common reason: it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Not everybody thinks that the whole concept of  “seks with your ex” is a great idea, especially if one of the partners still has feelings for the other half. The fastest way to get over an ex is to avoid all contact. That seems plausible, but who are we going to fuck? I still do not like the idea of waking to online porn all day, and I do not have the money for hookers 5 times a week… I am going to call my ex ;-)

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