Sex education for kids???

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So a primary school in berlin thought it was a good idea to start teaching 6 year old kids the basics of Sexual Education. Apparently they think “you are never young enough to learn about sex…are you reading this? Wtf moment of the day!

With a book called “Wo kommst du her?” (Ware you coming from?) they showed 5-6 year old kids explicit pictures in cartoon style of the main characters “Lars and Lisa”, who are in love and are in the process of discovering each others (naked) bodies. One pic shows Lisa putting on a condom on Lars’s his erected cock. This sounds more like a book that should be next to 50 shades on the shell.

The text in the book that come with these soft cartoon porn pics is also not weak as you can see is this example “when it gets better, Lars and Lisa will get an orgasm” and “The vagina and penis feel warm and tingling”. Really, you want to show this to little kids? I am not a father but even I get that! Of course not everybody was happy to learn about this new teaching method, fortunately…

At first the school board was not really listening to the complaints of countless parents, but after a lot of media noise about this “school book” the book is finally banned from the class rooms. Was that really a difficult decision to make? Really?

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