Redhead lovers beware: KissARoseLive

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KissARoseLive is a sexy young redhead, and you know what they say about redheads! But she likes to play the innocent girl at the beginning, and let things grow low and intense. She’s out of college, but instead of getting into the grind of a 9 to 5 job, she prefers to meet interesting people on the internet. That’s the key to getting to know her and bringing out all of her talents: taking things slow and showing that you care about more of her than just her boobs.

Though you do have to admit that she has an amazing rack, and when she does get her bra off, she loves to show and play with her tits. It’s part of her interest in a slow build up to an intense and explosive release. Her breasts are especially sensitive, so make sure you give her plenty of time to play with them.

She likes to show herself off, but not to total strangers. That’s why she wants to get to know you a little bit before taking anything off. But once she starts to trust you, her naughty ideas come bubbling up and she just can’t help herself. She loves to play the good girl in pigtails going naughty, and has quite a collection of outfits and toys to play with. Compliment her enough on her looks and skill, and eventually she’s going to want to make all of your fantasies come true. She likes to know that she’s turning you on, and loves what she’s doing on camera.

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