Peeping on girls fail… crash through ceiling

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Two brothers from the US had a really great idea. They thought it would be super fantastic to hide themselves above the ceiling of a womens restroom in a movie theater at Venture Value Cinema in Duluth so they could have a really good peek at girls using the toilet. Their evil plan backfired when they crashed through the ceiling because they were too heavy and probably too fat.

The genius brothers Eduard Petrovich Kovynev (26) en Eduard Alexander Kovynev (27) crawled via the ceiling of the mens bathroom to the ladies bathroom. They were planning of treating themselves for a massive perverted eye massage, but obviously things went otherwise…

Because the two brothers were way to fat for the simple bathroom ceiling construction, they felt right through it. It didn;t take lonf for the police to arrive and police arrested these two invented perverts immediately. Currently they are out on bail, but they will have to answer to the judge real soon.

At this point it is unclear how long they were hiding in the ceiling and hpow many girls and woman they have spied on. The only thing we can confirm is that these two smartasses look like a such of perverts here, I guess you can judge a book by it’s cover after all.

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