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FireUnderIce4U is a 34 year old bbw housewife named Simon. During the evening hours she’s a normal wife to her husband who comes home from work expecting dinner on the table. She cooks for him, cleans the house, and does everything you would expect from your typical spouse. But, when he goes to work during the day and Simon is left alone, she’s anything but typical. This ordinary housewife turns into an exotic and lust filled siren ready to have cam sex with other men.

bbw milf camgirlSimon doesn’t consider it cheating if there is no actual touching involved. She just thinks of it as getting herself off sexually when her other half isn’t home. The day is her time and she’ll do with it as she pleases. If that means teaching younger men what a milf can do for them in bed, so be it.

-I absolutely love fucking your fat ass

-This girl is goddess, sexy and sweet and plenty of it. Those huge pussylips are driving me crazy!!

-mommy, thank you for the amazing show today

-Wish you gave me a real footjob, your feet did such wonderful job with that toy

FireUnderIce4U isn’t the slimmest milf with a supermodel body. She doesn’t have a model’s good looks. Simon is just an amateur housewife with a curvy body and looks you would expect from the nice older lady next door. For me it’s not about her looks though; it’s all about her attitude and her incredible sexual appetite. She craves sex, she needs it, and she’s willing to do almost anything on her webcam to get an orgasm. Also her mindset is very open, ass play, blindfolds, feet fetish, depilation and roleplaying are just some of the kinky stuff she has mastered.

It’s that eagerness to please her own pussy while pleasing a strange man at the same time that sets her apart from the model types. She’s not a pretty face that’s boring and a complete snob. She’s ready and willing to create the best sexual webcam experience you’ve ever received. Simon has the advanced sexual experience that puts her ahead of the boring models that just lay there and do nothing. So pass by the snobbish babes and give this naughty bbw housewife a shot at pleasing you!

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