Finally a real artist; Ritzy Bryan (The Joy Formidable)

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Anyone who doesn’t know who Ritzy Bryan is needs to look her up right this instant. The enigmatic lead singer of The Joy Formidable is just as well known for her looks as she is her incredible talent. The Welsh born Ritzy Bryan stands at a short 5’1″ and still seems larger than life. With her blunt bleach blonde hair complimenting her round race and incredibly large blue eyes she looks more like a sexy pixie than a rock and roll star! None the less watching her dance around the stage in her tiny baby doll dresses with her badass guitar is nothing short of intoxicating, if not flat out arousing.

Part of what I love about Ritzy Bryan is how much she is herself. She doesn’t worry about anyone else; she is a beautiful, bouncy, and vulgar as fuck rock and roll chick putting her music out into the world for anyone to hear. If confidence is sexy, Ritzy Bryan is amongst the sexiest. She is also simultaneously incredibly sweet and great to her fans, something else that makes her utterly desirable. An otherworldly beauty who is humbly of this world? Fuck yeah. That’s Ritzy Bryan. How anyone could not adore watching her bounce around the stage with her guitar is completely beyond me.

Her voice is an entirely other matter, because it’s already enough that she is hot, confident, and talented with her fingers, but when you add in the fact that she can chirp like a bird and belt like a banshee all in the same song you really can’t help but fall in love with the girl. She’s got range and talent coming out of her cute little ass and I could listen to her sweet sweet voice all day long, if she would let me. Judging from her fan base I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way about Ritzy and her incredibly alluring fairy like ways. Seriously, if ever there was a sexier pixie girl in rock and roll, I have yet to meet her.

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