This Ebony girl can squirt…Busty4Enjoy

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Attention, all Ebony titty lovers! If you love titties–especially big, fat titties, and cheap webcams

–then don’t allow yourself to miss out on all the big titty action happening over here at BUSTY4ENJOY’s webcam! This chick, working at prides herself on those enormous, round, blubbery fun bags, and she flaunts them shamelessly. I’d say these are a set of 44 DD’s at least. Just imagine watching her shake these things… Shit’ll bring all the boys to the yard! Including me and you apparently.

Ebony bikiniHaha, but seriously. BUSTY4ENJOY likes to squirt, but she says it only happens when she’s really, really horny, so not many guys have been able to do it. However, if you can, you are IN bro! And in more ways than one if you know what I mean. How can I make her squirt you ask? Well she says she gets really turned on by big cocks (what a surprise I always assumed girls preferred small, roll of quarters-type dicks) and big chests. So if you don’t have either of those, I’m not sure what to tell you other than you better know how to talk to chicks. Regardless of whether you have a big dick and chest, you should know how to talk to her anyway. Those who can’t hold a good conversation tend to receive shows of lower quality, so make sure you’re engaged and not just demanding she do what you want. Yes, it is fun to do that, but if you really want an erotic experience, stick with the playful banter.

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