Depressed? Have more sex and feel happier

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Great advice for your mental health, because according to a little study from “ScienceDirect” you probably work way too much and have way too little sex. Basically, the study reveals we have been doing it all wrong, for centuries we have been focusing and spending too much time on stuff we do not really like, and way too little time on stuff we love, like sex or socializing with friends)  and I guess what; I already knew we were doing it all wrong since the time I was a little boy and told my mother “No I don’t want to go to school, I want to stay in bed!”
So chances are pretty high that the ideal day with the perfect amount of happiness doesn’t come close to the one you’re having. That is because almost nobody lives by the optimal 36:106 ratio (meaning for every 36 minutes of work, you should have 106 minutes of sex) according to 2 researchers named Sebastian Pokutta  (Georgia Tech) and Christian Kroll (Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany).

Most studies look at “people’s living conditions such as marriage, income or employment status” while this study focuses on how strong our daily activities affect our happiness. Now it is not really shocking nor revealing that the results of this study show the following activities top contributors to our happiness; intimate relationships, socializing, relaxing, eating and paying / meditating. In other words, fucking your girlfriend and ordering a pizza while watching a game on tv makes us happy.

The solution for depression, unhappiness, stress, anxiety, loneliness and other mental illnesses is theoretically very simple; we should be doing way more of what we love (having sex and relaxing with friends ) and less of what we do not like (working and commuting). Now before you run to your boss tomorrow to quit your job, please wait a second and realize that for now the 36:106 ratio is only reserved for millionaires who don’t have bosses who yell at them because they’re late. For normal people like us the best solution seems to be improvising, but how? For starters, get as many blowjobs during work hours as you can.

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