Boob job horror story

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A boob job that supposed to make her tits look more beautiful turned into a complete distaster for Katarina Chladova (Dubnica, Slovakia). When she went to a clinic in Croatia, she thought she had a real sweet deal when she visited the clinic two years ago.  The local surgeon offered her breast implants for a cheap price (EURO 3800). Unfortunately for her Miss Chladova this surgeon happened to have the skill set of a farmer / carpenter. These photos confirm his carpentry skills…

After the operation she was in a happy mood, but that mood rapidly changed when she removed the bandages and found her titties in a horrible state. She returned to the same clinic (why would she do that?) for reconstuctive follow-up operations, but guess what.. the surgeon was still more of a carpenter in stead of a surgeon.

After watching these disaster juggs  it is not really strange the woman is demanding compensation from a the clinic after this amateuristic boobie enlargement, Her left breasts is just horribly disfigured and her right titty also doesn’t look in the best shape ever…

Our advice, send us your selfshot titty pics or post them on our forum and we will decide if and where to go for implants. In some cases we might need you to come down the office for further inspection…

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