Bitcoin more and more accepted in adult

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Bitcoin, lately a subject that can’t be ignored, it’s a hot topic widely discussed on internet forums and the bitcoin rally is even covered on mainstream tv channels like CNN. Whether the whole bitcoin affair is one huge bubble that is about to explode or whether it is here to stay, more and more companies (adult and mainstream) are accepting bitcoin as a payment option. Obviously a good marketing stategy but who knows, bitcoin certainly has some advantages  as an adult payment option such as; payments / transaction are done in real time, small payments are possible, non or very low transaction fees and for users it means another way to remaining anonymous. Also the bitcoin platform is supposed to be very safe in contrary to credit card companies who seem to be the target of criminal hackers at least once a week. Hell, my personal credit card was “compromised” 2 weeks ago!

So the value of Bitcoin went trough the roof last couple of weeks, especially after the collapse of the banks in Cyprus. More and more people seem to have lost their faith in the current banking system, and that’s not a real surprise considering we are dealing with bankrupt banks and governments who apparently can “take” are savings during a little crisis (for example Iceland, Cyprus and the Dutch DSB Bank). Who can tell for sure that our money is save with the banks in these economical times, Europe and US have hard times ahead of them, my guess is that the real depression has yet t0o come. Of course, this is just an opinion, I do not have an economical background for that matter.

I do have an degree in porn and webcam sex, and a quick google search shows the list of porn sites that accept bitcoin is growing rapidly. Even camgirls can be paid with bitcoin if you know where to look. We will post a list of bitcoin porn and cam sites in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. For those of you who have been mining bitcoins since the beginning that could mean really cheap deals, because last time I checked, the bitcoin value was $190 today!

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