Angry wife throws her husband’s mistress off a cliff (video)

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It is best not to get Lissette Lupo Mamani angry. We do not know this woman but the video shows what she is capable of. The Peruvian mother of 4 saw her husband cheating on her, and decided to throw the woman (the mistress) off a cliff (literally) Of course all this is captured on film, see video… Enough for a WTF moment I think?

The video shows the women fighting, the mistress is grabbed by her hairs and gently thrown off a cliff. Luckily the cliff was “only” 6 meters deep, and the mistress survived this incident (with minor injuries).

Lissette Lupo Mamani claims that is was blind with anger and doesn’t remember everything that happened. She also revealed she and her husband were separate after she discovered his affair.

Despite her dangerous personality, the husband wants his woman back: “I pray, I am only interested in you and our children, because without you, I am nothing. I ask for forgiveness. I know I made mistakes” he told on the Peruvian television. Was he being sincere of just scared shitless of his woman?

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