5 Extreme sex positions

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You might think you are an acrobat because you can stick your pinky in your asshole when you are lying in the bathtub… I am sorry to disappoint you fuckers but once again you couldn’t be more wrong, that trick ain’t exactly high class entertainment. Just show your girlfriend and she will explain why…

The following sex positions however are high class entertainment and not for the shy ones either. Do you think you are up for a sex challenge? We invite you to try the following positions and feel free to share your experiences and opinions in our comments.

Pair of Tongs position

This sex positions should get you warmed up, girl is balancing on one arm in a side planking position while you hold her with one arm around her ass with. Position yourself above her lower leg and try to stick it in.

If you’re girlfriend is 200 kilograms and not an expert in planking this will not go smoothly. Also remember to think of her awkward position when you stick it in and feel the pleasure of her vagina, because keeping the right balance is key here.


Fire Hydrant position

This time your girl has the honor of acting like a tripod using her arms and head as support. Position your self behind her with her legs wrapped around your waist. Insert your penis and be careful not to give her a tremendous concussion or severe brain damage.

Most girls can’t even do a tripod headstand without falling within 0,1 mini second so this positions is quite the challenge.  Of course it helps is your chick is a gymnast. And can you boink your woman without giving her severe  spinal cord injury? You have to ask yourself these questions before trying this at home.




The Head Spinner position

Ok, so you have got the previous positions down after 3 years of intensive training, here is a real challenge for you horny acrobats. This time it’s your turn to stand on your head while you keep your legs in a split. pretty gay, I know. Now, your acrobatic chick has to find a way to wrap herself  around your torso scissoring her legs. She can use your armpit for support, but she also needs one arm to stick Mr penis in the vagina. Sounds doable!

There are so many logistical problems here, every single step has a huge fail potential. Even is you are a professional break dancer and does not break his neck instantly, and your girl is a world class ballerina, this is a whole other level. Gravity is your worst enemy here, be safe…


Bumping Cars position

This is peanuts com[pared to the previous ons, but still pretty tricky. Place your girl on the ground belly down ass up a little. Lie down on top of her and face away from each other so your asses bump. Somehow you must find a way to enter her cave without breaking your dick.
We were not able to figure out how a penis would like to enter a vagina in this position. It’s either too high for entry without bending, or the angle is completely wrong. Again, logistically impossible, but fun to try of course. Let us know how you did and proof with pics!


The Triple Lindy position

This might look pretty doable, make no mistake. This position requires a lot of strength and stamina from you. Basically just hold your girl in the air, from behind, while she balances on your cock.

Even the dorks on “Dancing With The Stars” have trouble doing this without penetration, and these people are and have trained intensely. Don’t forget that there is always a chance you might slip and loose control,  in a way your girlfriend will perform a perfect face plant with the loss of teeth and a fractured cock as a result.





Do you think you have what it takes to try these extreme sex positions? Do not forget to let us know how it went! Good luck and be safe… or die trying



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